Road Trip Brain

renting a jeep & spending next summer doing this đź’­

The Squeaky Robot

We sailed through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, clipping Montana and Arizona along the way. No mind-numbing traffic, rolls of hay for days (each scene could’ve had its own frame, entitled The Great American Landscape), blocks of bright green surrounded by seas of waterless yellow, decrepit road-side shacks, small places with big stories, ordinary towns at the base of extraordinary mountains, deep red and pink. This was the America I hadn’t known.

We ended up spinning over 3700 miles of road in twelve days. Exponential tire rotations. Twelve tanks of gas. From San Francisco to DC, then practically back again. And yet it feels like nothing. One hundred miles pales to 1000. Before, as many as fifty would’ve been a big affair. Three hours in a car would’ve been a dozen lifetimes, now it’s cake.

They say comparison is the thief of joy. Not for road trip brain. Time…

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A Real and Lasting Peace

appalachian son


Seems as if supplying Syrian rebels with arms just isn’t enough. The United States government and its Western allies are about to use military force in the small Middle Eastern country. We have heard the drums of war for a long time – now as early as Thursday bombs may start falling on Syria.

Instead of a regime change, we are told, US military forces are just sending a strong message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to (apparently) stop using chemical weapons. A humble, non-interventionist, foreign policy is no good – to be humanitarian we must bomb other populations. This rhetoric is being championed by a number of war hawks on the Republican side of congress as well, namely John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the newest war mongerer: senator Bob Corker.

What is being under reported in the US media, however, and what is likewise being pushed under…

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